Community gardening fulfills need for fresh, affordable food
Citizen D cultivates community
Urban gardeners in Dallas enjoy the harvest
Lemon Tree Trust operates in the Middle East
Urban gardeners in Dallas prepare to plant
Gardeners in Dallas offer surplus yields at local farmers market
Fairmont Dallas Hotel rooftop garden provides fresh food for guests
Urban gardeners in Dallas tend growing vegetables
Urban garden in Dallas receives good soaking
Lemon Tree Trust workers tend to greening at Domiz camp, Iraq
Syrian gardener poses with her garden at Domiz camp, Iraq
Roadside garden at Domiz camp, Iraq, begins to sprout
Collecting lemon trees at Domiz camp, Iraq
View across Domiz camp, Iraq, depicts opportunity for greening
Planting lemon trees at Domiz camp, Iraq

Who We Are

Citizen D is a network of talented individuals who work to support the skills, creativity, and entrepreneurship of communities. We work locally and globally in areas of urban horticulture, innovation, media, art, and youth. Our core values are dignity, humility, respect, perseverance, and optimism. We believe everyone deserves a community to share, an opportunity to succeed, and a contribution to benefit others.

What We Do

Citizen D inspires sustainable solutions. Our ethos is to exchange dependency for self-sufficiency by working with communities in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Citizen D takes a grassroots approach to innovation, enabling communities to define problems and identify, pilot, and scale their own solutions in ways that benefit themselves and their communities by creating an ongoing “return on innovation.” Our focus themes are independent, but each is linked by a mission—to serve, lead, and empower.

Working Locally and Globally

Community, collaboration, and celebration are the watchwords of our efforts both at home and abroad. Based in Dallas, Texas, Citizen D realizes local and global solutions that are both practical and ethical. We find best practices to cross-pollinate between countries, such as Uganda and Kosovo, and urban communities in the U.S., such as Dallas and Brownsville.

Working locally and internationally reveals unique perspectives and opportunities for inspiration and application across diverse communities. Our partners include the University of Oxford, UNHCR (The United Nations Agency for Refugees), UNHCR Innovation, The Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity at SMU, buildingcommunityWORKSHOP, and the Lemon Tree Trust of Iraq and Jordan. We seek other committed programming partners.

Contact Us

To learn more, email us