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Workshop participants explore solutions to under -esourced communities
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We invite you to be part of our team through your gift to Citizen D.


Citizen D inspires sustainable solutions. Our approach strives to exchange dependency for self-sufficiency by working with communities traditionally viewed as passive, helpless recipients of assistance—from communities in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to under-resourced urban communities like the Vickery Meadow neighborhood of Dallas in the United States. Rather than imposing externally defined solutions, Citizen D takes a grassroots approach to innovation, enabling communities to define problems and identify, pilot, and scale their own solutions in ways that benefit themselves and their communities by creating an ongoing “return on innovation.”

Citizen D specializes in transforming unused “meanwhile space” into something magical—gardens for communities embedded not only with an edible landscape but a philosophy rooted in community, collaboration, and celebration. We support micro-growing projects (producing food in smaller spaces); we pilot food distribution channels; and we ensure our growers’ produce is sold and consumed in communities where access to healthy and affordable food options is needed most. But, we need you to make this happen.

  • Your gift of $2,500 will allow us to build 10 raised-bed gardens in the Vickery Meadow community of Dallas where refugees will tend the gardens, provide fresh food for their families, and sell fresh vegetables to their neighbors at low cost.
  • Your gift of $5,000 will allow us to teach English classes to 50 refugee mothers and their children for a three-month course that will empower them to lead fulfilling and prosperous lives.
  • Your gift of $10,000 will allow us to provide 100 lemon trees to refugee families living in refugee camps while they wait for resettlement to safe countries—trees that provide not only fresh lemons for a variety of uses, but fresh relief from an uncertain time and hope for the future.

An urban garden grows not only food, but jobs, business, and community. Urban food growing produces improved physical and emotional health, environmental improvements that foster stronger social connections, lessons in scalable and adaptable uses of space, beautification of otherwise unused and often abused space, and a positive perception about the community and those who call it home.

Citizen D is cultivating community. All we need is you!


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